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Zeus Network- Full Breakdown

Updated: Jul 19

The Zeus Network is a streaming company offering VOD content through various platforms. They were founded in 2018.

Zeus Network Homescreen with Bad Boys Texas banner

Where can I stream Zeus Network?

The Zeus Network can be streamed on various platforms and devices through the internet, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android/Google TV, Android Mobile Devices, Apple TV, iPhone, and directly through their website.

With such a wide range of options, viewers can enjoy their content wherever and whenever they want

Where is Zeus Network Headquartered?

They are based out of Burbank, California in the United Sates.

Does Zeus Network Have Original Content?


Zeus Network Original Content

Zeus Network offers an impressive lineup of original content that caters to diverse interests. From reality shows like "Bad Escorts" and "Baddies ATL" to comedy series such as "Reedo Brown Presents: Comedy Roulette," viewers are treated to engaging and entertaining programming. Other offerings include talk shows like "Pillow Talk with Amber & Hannah" and "The Cheat Seat," as well as captivating documentaries like "The Real Blac Chyna" and "Finding Love ASAP!" With a wide variety of genres and shows to choose from, Zeus Network delivers high-quality original content that keeps

Original Content by Zeus Includes:

  • TiTi Do You Love Me

  • Caught: Season 2

  • Your Best Life

  • A Taste of Dance with Amanda Cerny

  • The Scholarship

  • Ice Cream starring Liane V

  • The Cheap Negotiator Starring Phonz

  • Ditsy Starring Janina

  • Ultimate Fitness Challenge with Candice and Omar

  • Adam's World Starring Adam W.

  • Liquid Jay

  • The Lab Ratz

  • Bad Escorts

  • Shirtless Cheffin with Don Benjamin

  • Body By Bartl

  • Torrek & Georgia: Talking Shit

  • Pretty Girls Lit

  • Pillow Talk with Amber & Hannah

  • Rap Battles

  • Reedo Brown Presents: Comedy Roulette

  • We Workin'

  • Life With Lil Tay

  • Zeus Revealed with Janeisha John

  • The Qimmah Show

  • Rent a Power

  • Reedo Brown: You Said That?

  • The Cheat Seat

  • Royal Chat with Brandi Marie King

  • You're My Boooyfreind

  • The Real Dumbass World

  • Sober Coach

  • Baddies ATL

  • Baddies South

  • Bobby I Love You, Purrr

  • Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love

  • Baddies West

  • Bad Boys Texas

  • Bad Boys: Los Angeles

  • Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas

  • Joseline's Cabaret Atlanta

  • One Mo' Chance

  • Joseline's Cabaret: Miami

  • The Real Blac Chyna

  • Only CAM: LA

  • Finding Love ASAP!

  • Dr. Blackson

How do I watch Zeus Network for free?

Go to their website or install their app on your smart TV or mobile device. They have several free episodes you can watch. To access the rest of their content, you will have to subscribe. They do not have a free trial.

How much is Zeus Network?

The subscription is $5.99 a month or $6.23 after taxes. You can also pay your subscription for the entire year for $59.99.

Is Zeus a TV network?

Not in the traditional sense. They have no linear streaming channels, and most, if not all, of their content is original programming. They are an SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) service.

What kind of content does Zeus have?

A lot of their content is reality shows. Zeus even has a reality strip club show called Joseline's Cabaret. They also have talk shows, Fitness, music videos, and scripted content from different influencers.

Joseline's Cabaret on Zeus Network

The scripted shows are good, but most episodes are less than 15 minutes long.

But they are not just home to reality shows and dramas; it even boasts a show with the legendary Snoop Dogg! That's right, the hip-hop mogul is gracing Zeus with his charismatic presence.

Snoop Dogg on Zeus Network

Occasionally they have special events available through PPV. Currently, they have the Mayweather VS Gotti III fight for $19.99.

It is worth noting that Nudity and language are present in some of their content, so it is not advised for young audiences.

How Many Subscribers Does Zeus Network Have?

The official number is unknown, but my educated guess is they have over a million paying subscribers.

They have a big presence on social media. Their YouTube channel alone has over a million subs. Their channel mostly consists of trailers and the occasional free episode. In addition to that they have 3.5 million Instagram followers and over 300k followers on Facebook.

Is Zeus Network Worth Paying For?

If you like reality shows, yes. The quality is pretty good, and the drama will keep you entertained.

With their many available apps, you can watch it on any device or your browser on your computer.

Creating an account is easy and does not break the bank. There are also no ads, even on their free content.

You should watch their free episodes and decide if it is a good fit.

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